Jerry Jardine started the original Jardine Header Co in 1958 just out of high school in Pasadena Ca. He learned the ins and outs of header building through trial and error and from the discoveries of Maserati, Ferrari and other European car builders. The Italians seemed to be way ahead of the Americans at the time as far as header designs went. His first car, a 1958 Impala with the 348 was his test bed. He learned a lot from that car. He started building some headers for other 348 guys and before you know it it blew up.

 Before long he was the premier header builder. The first to put a header in a box and mail it. A lot of the headers where shipped via Grey Hound. He spent a few of the early years traveling with Dyno Don Nicholson back east and through the south.

 Business was booming. This and the marriage to Sally brought him back to the shop full time. He was now Fords West coast guy. The Ford team guys had a corner of his shop available to them if needed. Jardine were the go to header for them.

 More and more part numbers were added.

 It was the early '70's. Black Jack, Cyclone, Crager,and other cheap header manufacturers came onto the market. The

performance exhaust

4-1 header took over the market. Headers were selling to the public cheaper than we could build them. Jerry happened to build a couple Harley pipes that got some ink in a few M/C magazines. Soon guys were calling wanting them. This brought transformation into the M/C market. Soon Jerry was a major player in this market. As an O.E.M. to Kawasaki, long gone were the days of shipping a few headers on Grey Hound. It was dedicated Semi trucks now. 100,000's sets a year.


Jerry sold off the company in the mid '80's. Making it through all those years and Jimmy Carter was a feat for a fresh

out of high school kid. Jerry wanted to get back into the shop. Tired of constantly chasing money, sold it off and worked for the new company for a couple of years. Not long after this he grew tired of working for some one. He opened a small 2000 sq ft shop on the Orange County airport run way. Basically starting over building custom headers. Slowly he started developing systems for pickups and motor homes.
This prompted a major move. He put the house on the market and moved the whole damn family to Jackson Wy. Jackson is one of the main thoroughfares to Yellowstone Nat. park. A huge amount of RV's travel through there in the summer. Spending an extra day to throw some headers and exhaust on your motor home made sense. By his side in this new endeavor were his wife Sally, daughter Janeen, son in law Matt and his 3 sons, Cale, Tyler,and Jerod. Again Jardine was a leader in this market keeping up with and setting the trend. Soon the modern light duty turbo diesels came around and again Jerry was the first to offor complete 4" exhaust kits for the pickups. He continued making these kits for all the brands until about 2007. This is when the new emission standards were put in place on the turbo diesels. He saw the writing on the wall and tapered off building these kits and started developing hard core drag race headers.
This all brings to today. Jerry is still coming into the shop to help his son Jerod. Jerry mostly concentrates on the nostalgia stuff like the 409's and Cobra Jets. We still have the same philosophy that has been handed down. Stay in tune with what the guys need. Make stuff they don't even know they need. We are involved in a wide variety of markets. Drag racing, off road, short course off road, truck pulling, and on and on.
Thank you,
The Jardines

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